I’m in a good place today

I realized I only write when I’m in a bad place in my head. But I think it’s important to share that there ARE good days. It is hard to have to break down what causes a panic attack because you have to relieve each moment step by step. To figure out what triggered the attack and find a coping skill to work on. Let’s break down my day to see what it was like to be happy.

I woke up for the second night in my bed (We have bronchitis and I had to “sleep” sitting up I’m the living room for three or four days). I got a really good hug from Josh. I bought him to work. Did a favor for a friend and then had therapy outside. Went and picked up pots and soul to repot all my veggie plants. Came home and repotted each plant into their new homes. Handyman’d putting books up for my plants. Sat outside and enjoyed my new view. Realized I have my own mindfulness garden now and felt very calm and serene. Came in and took a long, cool shower and now here I am.

Nothing crazy. Simple every day tasks people do. But I was living in each moment and let myself enjoy it. I want to remember this day. Because when I’m in the bad place this can give me the hope I lost.

Remember the good days.


I am sharing my story of why and how I developed BPD and what I am doing to rebuild myself.

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